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Foxfield Racing LLC

Foxfield Racing LLC


About Us

Foxfield Races hosts 12,000-13,000 attendees for our spring races. Foxfield has hosted bi-annual steeplechase races since 1978, while celebrating open space and our charitable partners throughout the calendar year. As Foxfield continues on our path of steeplechase racing tradition, we have a renewed mission of safety, inclusivity, community engagement, and philanthropic support.

In 2020, a new Board was formed to renew the mission of Foxfield and carry the races into the new era. We have made infrastructure changes to improve the facility, we have changed alcohol policies and debuted new accommodations to create a safe and fun race experience, and we have given $153,000 back to the community since fall 2021. Under our new management group, we are conserving open space and supporting our community.

We are a 501c3 and our mission is conservation of open space while supporting our community through philanthropic efforts.

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  • Non-profit
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