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VIA Centers for Neurodevelopment


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About Us

The Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) is dedicated to helping people overcome the challenges of autism through innovative, evidence-based services in school, adult, and outpatient programs. Our services are built around the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and employ professionals in the fields of behavior analysis, childhood special education, speech-language therapy, clinical psychology, and occupational and physical therapies.

Our three core programs include:

- The James C. Hormel School (JCH): A year-round day school for students ages 2-22 who are struggling to have their needs met in a public
school setting.

- Outpatient Behavioral Services (OBS): A clinic setting delivering therapies and related services to individuals ages 2-22 who need help with school readiness,
social skills, emotional regulation, and more. The OBS team also offers diagnostic evaluations, psychological services, and training for caregivers.

- Adult Services: A day support program for adults with autism over the age of 22 with a range of programs that promote learning, personal growth, individual
choice, and meaningful engagement.

In 25 years, VIA has grown from a small school started by families desperate to find effective education for their children with autism into an innovative leader in autism services. When VIA first opened in 1996, four students were served. Today, VIA serves 265-280 individuals and their families of all ages, annually, in central Virginia.