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About Us

We make and sell two very high end health products. One is the Power Plate which has a three dimensional motor that vibrates giving the subject a Whole Body Vibration. This particular machine helps to create a hormonal response which activates the body to help with improved blood circulation, lymphatic flow, increased flexibility, strength, metabolism and increased bone strength.

Power Plate is a product used by a wide group of people. Anyone wanting to improve their circulation, wants to gain strength and greater flexibility is a great prospect for the Power Plate. It?s a fact 87% of the people in the US don?t go to gyms. The Power plate offers a great workout with minimal effort and over a very short period of time. Many businesses buy them so their employees can get a short workout while on the job.

Power Plate is also used by many elite sports teams including the Denver Broncos, Penn State football, UConn and Kentucky basketball as it is great for warming up before the game and also at halftime as well as strength training and helping with greater flexibility. For the over 55 crowd it is great source of a workout which can also help people (especially women) that might be on the outset of osteopenia or osteoporosis. So this product has a very wide range of users everyone from elite athletes to possibly a post menopausal woman who might have osteopenia and wants to prevent osteoporosis.

Our other product is Bio-Density. This is a machine that was specifically designed to help recondition bone density and strength. The inventer, is a scientist named John Jaquish, whose mother had osteoporosis. Today at 80 his mother no longer has the disease. According to Jaquish osteoporosis is a disease where bones are in a deconditioned state. Through Osteo Loading in a very safe and controlled environment Bio Density actually puts significant loads on the bone which actually causes the bone to over a period of time recondition itself as the bones response to the loading is to grow and get stronger.

What is amazing is that 1 out 2 women and one out of four men get osteoporosis. What Dr. Jaquish has proved is that this is disease that can be prevented and also someone with osteoporosis can be reversed by proper and consistent use of Bio-Density.